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Ugly Cat of the Month:

Fat Cat The Ugly Cat.

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Fat Cat

Submitted by: Patrick

Name: Fat Cat
Age: 20+
Type of Cat Ugly: Dog-ass Ugly
Fatty is an awesome pet. As a bonus, he scares away intruders at my warehouse (human and rodent/varmint types)


Ugly Cat Information

We all enjoy our cats, even if they are, well, ugly.  This is a website for you cat lovers out there to share your photo's of your feline friends that probably wouldn't win any beauty contests.  Ugly cats are no different than their good looking or cute counterparts.  The term "beauty challenged feline" may be more politically correct, but this website is for comical purposes only, so we will use "ugly cat" (besides, it's easier to type in the address bar.)  Don't forget to read the daily cat article.

What is for?

Fact: There are tens of millions of bored people that are sitting at their desks at work, sipping lattes at coffee houses, staring at walls, zoning out at family reunions or waiting for something exciting to happen.

Fact: These people need entertainment.

Fact: Looking at pictures of ugly cats is entertainment.