Why Your Cat Will Love And Adore You For Bring Them A Cat Tree

There was a time when cat scratching posts were bulky and downright ugly. Most of the time they would not match the decor of the house and took up too much space as well. Due to these reasons, cat owners just decided that they were not worth the money and inconvenience. However, by not having a decent cat scratching post, it left your furniture and belonged to the mercy of the cat.

People tend to forget that cats were at the time a wild animal and part of the predatory family. Their typical behavior included running, climbing, stalking, and of course scratching. While domestic cats tend to be more into being pampered, they still have that wild instinct deep within them. To help them deal with these inner needs, it is essential to provide them with toys, litter pans, and a scratching post. Also, cats crave attention and love, so never forget that.

To survive in the wild cats had extremely sharp claws. These claws needed to be kept razor sharp and clean, they would scratch to obtain this. Also, cats use scratching as a way to stretch and exercise. There is no way to get a cat from scratching; it is simply their way. The only option is to give them a cat tree or scratching post. This gives your cat something to scratch and leaves your furniture, and other belongs damage free.

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Some cat owners choose to have their cat’s declawed in an attempt to save their furniture. However, it should be known that this is a very painful process for the cat and has numerous side effects. When a cat’s claws are removed, it may make them unhappy and nervous. Claws are an essential part of your cat’s life. If you want them to have the highest quality of life a cat tree or scratching post is the better option. This type of furniture is going to allow your cat to have a private area for exercise, play, and scratching.

A wide selection of cat posts can be found online, and at your local pet store, this allows you to find the perfect one for your needs. The range from the most basic to beautiful pieces. The majority of cat posts are constructed of wood and covered with either sisal or carpet. They are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Depending on your needs you can get a traditional post or one with a little more flair. It all comes down to your particular preferences, space, and budget.

For those with cats in an apartment, a smaller post might be a better choice. Those who have a larger area may opt for one of the larger trees. Cat trees often have multiple resting and play areas to keep the cat or cats entertained. Your cat will show their appreciation once this furniture arrives just for them! Also, many cat trees have the ability to be adjusted in height which adds another layer of convenience to them. You will also find some cat trees that have toys integrated right into the construction, which adds another level of entertainment to the tree.

For cat owners looking to go a little further, there are cat castles available. They are typically available in black or pink and have comfortable plush cushions for the comfort of your cat. Regardless of the type of scratching post or cat tree you decide on, it is great that you now know the natural needs of your cat. For them having a private place to play, exercise and scratch will be of great comfort to them.

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